You’ve just gotten into your brand new home, with the perfect yard and architecture of your dreams. Everything has been built to perfection, and it’s time to move in. But what goes where? For many homeowners who complain about the task of unpacking and sorting their belongings, the real challenge is the weeks and even months ahead spent getting the house in order. No worries, though, there are simple solutions!

Sketch up a floorplan before moving

You would have had a look at your new home before moving time, whether it be the plans for a new home being built or a viewing of an existing property. Take photos and draw up a rough sketch of the layout – if you are really thorough, you can even draw it to scale and include measurements. Once you have that floorplan sketched out you can take some time to decide which room will act as what (guest room, games room, etc.).

Assign furniture and decorations

Now that you have your plan ready – especially if you have measurements available – you can plan out what needs to go where. By planning this out right down to which bed goes to which room and how to orientate all the bookshelves and tables, getting things in place when you move in will move smoothly and can be completed almost instantly. If you can decide on where the decorations would work best as well that would be a bonus, so you don’t end up walking about wasting time testing different spots. You’ll really be saving yourself a lot of time and stress.

Pack accordingly

In a previous article we mentioned packing by rooms in order to streamline your packing (and the whole moving process by extension). Having planned out what all goes where beforehand this method becomes even simpler, because now you can pack your belongings into boxes labelled specifically by room. All the crockery and cutlery will go into ‘kitchen’ boxes, and all the DVDs and ornaments that are intended for the lounge will go into the ‘lounge’ boxes.

These steps may sound easy and obvious, but many people struggle because they underestimate how effective it can be when done properly. So give it a shot and see how much easier your moving day will be! If you’re still looking for the perfect home, contact us and we’ll see what we can do to make your perfect house a reality so you can make it a home.