Buying a home is a milestone in anyone’s life and can be the mark of great things to come. Financial independence and not having to rely on renting a space anymore is freeing and will make you feel like you have truly accomplished something. To stop paying off someone else’s expenses with your rent, start saving for your very own home. Here are some tips on how to do so:


Budgeting does not just entail not eating in restaurants as often. You need a set-in-stone, compiled and written budget that you stick to. This may seem difficult at first but organising your finances in this way will allow you to see an actual numerical value instead of guessing. Knowing what needs to be paid versus what you need to save will give you a number to strive for. Having the exact calculations done will motivate you to get there as quickly as possible.

Cut expenses

Cutting expenses may seem difficult because you feel you may have cut all the corners you can, but this is rarely the case. Once you have set up a budget it will be much easier to see where you can trim more fat and save more money for your dream home.

Firstly, stop buying unnecessary items like new clothes if you have an extensive wardrobe already. Avoid eating in restaurants excessively or indulging in takeaways. Do some research to find which foods are the most economical while still being nutritious in order to save you money without selling you or your family short of what you need.

Settle any debt

Saving money for something while still in debt is counter-intuitive and will only push you further into the red. Think responsibly and follow your budget in order to pay off your debt and then your credit will improve to buy a home.

Start with your smallest debt and work your way up to the largest amount in order to create a snowball effect so you can get it out of the way to make way for your brighter future.

Be innovative to make money

If you already have a day-job there are other things you can do just to give you the final push you need in order to reach your goal. Whether it be selling old items online, making something to sell or taking on overtime, your work will not go unrewarded.


Once you have reached your 2018 goal you can move on to meeting your New Year’s resolution of buying your own home. Contact us to help you find the perfect home you’ve worked so hard for within your budget and in your area!