Providing those marginalised by South Africa’s past with affordable housing is a governmental concern. The Department of Human Settlements (DHS) delivered over four million houses in May 2016. They are determined to make sure that another one-and-a-half million houses are built by 2019.

The National Department of Human Settlements (DHS)

The DHS has a programme which is funded by restructuring the capital grant. These funds get transferred from the Housing Development Finance programme and are administered by the Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA).

Subsidies are grants given by the government to those who qualify as beneficiaries for housing. There is a backlog that is set to be rectified by the Human Settlement Vision for 2030. Housing is becoming more and more available to those with a limited housing budget.

JNK Properties: Finding your affordable home

Affordable housing assists those who are getting by but need assistance to put a roof over their heads. JNK Properties encourages you to view the available housing and that which is being built in your area within your financial abilities. This is primarily to make housing available from as little as 350 thousand rands to those who have a limited budget and specific housing needs.

You can choose a house based on location: perhaps you want to live closer to work to cut back on transport costs. If the area is close to your children’s school they can walk manageable distances without needing to use additional forms of transportation.

You can choose if you want a house with a gable roof or Tuscan roof. The gable is affordable and allows for great ventilation in the South African summers. The Tuscan roof adds whimsy with its tiles and is also adept at regulating indoor temperatures.

More homes are set to be built so it is a good idea to remain informed about the types of houses, where they are being built and what fits into your price range. JNK properties allows you to set up a customised search based on your preferences. You can base your search on the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms and the size of the property.