But you also need somewhere to sleep. Let’s get real-ty.


Home is… a cat, a person, anywhere you can walk to, where the food is, the library and the nicest word that exists. However, in addition, home is the residential property that signifies where you live.

What is residential property?

The seemingly clinical term “residential property” can be explained as a building which is suitable to be used as a dwelling. This understanding softens the words a bit.  You are seeking some place to establish your own little dwelling. It is property that is available for occupation, for non-business purposes. This really just means: make this particular place your own. Are you deciding between a Tuscan and a Gable roof? You are hereby authorised to base this choice upon personal preference. Excited?

What type of house do I want?

Erm… a waterproof one?

Choose a house based on your specific needs. Simply inform your personal preference with more logistical concerns and said preferences remain personal. For example, if you live in an area prone to excessive rainfall, you’d want to consider the fact that a gable roof sheds water easily. If you enjoy the look of metal or tiled roofs, you might choose a Tuscan roof as they are suited to almost any sort of roofing material. Sometimes these choices are solely based on mere partiality when your options don’t alter your budget too drastically.

Should I buy or rent?

These days it’s hardly a debate about which one is better. Once again, individual factors should influence your decision. Own property and stand to earn a profit from it, you have more creative control and it can generate an income. Rent property and you have a bit more flexibility, you only need to insure the contents of the home and the maintenance is not your responsibility. The question of whether to buy or rent should be preceded by a myriad of primary questions concerning your nature of employment, financial disposition and family obligations for instance; for many, home means family.

What documents do I need?

There is some administration involved when forging your feeling where feeling means home. Do the paperwork first so that you can get to what is said to be the most important work you will ever do: that which is done within the walls of your own home. Be prepared to source some or all of the following:

  • Valid identification as well as that of your spouse, if applicable
  • Marriage certificate, if applicable
  • Proof of (current) residential address
  • Recent pay slip
  • Recent bank statements
  • Offer to Purchase

What’s in an Offer to Purchase?

Think of it as a special and romantic proposal; get down on one knee and pledge your commitment to your feeling. An Offer to Purchase can include some of the following:

  • Conditions of sale
  • Fixtures
  • Occupation date
  • Occupational rent
  • Deposits
  • Purchase price

Friends, home is your house and home is a feeling.

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