Not all of us are lucky enough to have an air-conditioner, and with South Africa’s scorching summers and the price of electricity, you need to find an alternative. There are some simple tricks and tips you can employ to beat the heat this summer, without turning on an air-conditioner.

Close the curtains and blinds

Windows are made of glass, your home has windows, and when the sun pours in through them it is going to heat up your house. It is the same principle as how a greenhouse works by letting in heat that does not easily escape. So to prevent living in a virtual greenhouse, keep those curtains closed.

Strategically close doors

Your rooms’ doors with outward facing windows that are not being used should remain closed. This way any additional heat entering through rooms facing the sun does not travel throughout the whole house. When it cools off at night you can open them again with the windows to let the evening breeze and some fresh air in.

Check your ceiling fans

Seeing as you are up there, give them a good dusting. But more importantly, make sure that the fan is rotating counter-clockwise. This creates a wind-chill breeze, a breeze you can feel directly on your rather than bouncing off the ceiling.

Don’t introduce more heat

A hot meal is always enjoyable, but a big part of the South African culture is due to our climate: the braai. We braai because it does not introduce new sources of heat that will linger in your home, and also they are good fun and make delicious food which is an added bonus. Try to avoid the oven and the stove, try to enjoy cold foods like salads and leave the meat for the braai.

Switch up the lighting

Incandescent light bulbs emit almost all their energy in the form of heat. Switching your bulbs to LEDs you can be sure that they are not emitting any extra heat, and they are also more eco-friendly.

Peruse houses available in your area to start your summer off in a beautiful new home. That might be the coolest thing you do this summer.