Winter is a time when all we want to do is curl up in front of the fire, under a blanket with a good book. However, you should also make time to do some home maintenance. Here is a checklist of maintenance you should do on your home this (and every other) winter.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

With all of the heaters and fires being started up to keep warm, it is now more important than ever to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors. If you don’t have smoke detectors, get them! It’s a small price to pay for the potential disasters they could prevent. Be sure you have a working fire extinguisher in the house too, just in case.

Carbon monoxide detectors are also a sound investment because with all the gas heaters on the go it is not unheard of for this to become a problem. It is easy for a gas heater to lose its ignition and it will quickly become a problem if you are not made aware of it very quickly. A carbon monoxide detector can easily prevent this by drawing your attention to it. Be sure to never leave any gas device unattended.

Check and Repair the Roof

If you have noticed cold air slipping into the house but you are unsure of where it is coming from, check the roof. There may be loose or missing shingles letting in chilly draughts. Repair any shingles to keep out the cold air and rain.

Reverse the Ceiling Fan

This may seem counter-intuitive but it is especially effective in homes with high ceilings. If you reverse the fan it will push hot air down and make the room feel much warmer, especially if you have a heater on the go.

Hang Thick Curtains

Hanging thicker curtains in the winter can help you keep in the warmth of the day when the sun sets. Open your curtains in the morning and let the sun flood in and close them as it sets. Thick curtains will retain this heat better than “summer curtains”.

If you are looking for the perfect home to keep your family snug this winter, contact us and have a look to see what is on the market.