When buying a home you should ask if a pest control report has been completed. This information should be available and according to The National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act must have taken place if the building is in an area known for high rates of termite infestations.

This way you know where to start if you decide to buy the home. By knowing exactly what needs to be done, as far as pest control is concerned, you have the opportunity to call the professionals before moving your things into the new home.

The Importance of Soil Treatment

Soil treatment is the application of a pesticide before building takes place. This is why asking for a report on whether pest control has been done is essential. Soil treatment kills subterranean termites (rife in coastal areas, in particular) that could damage the building if they surface to feed on the freshly built home.

Don’t fret, they can still be exterminated; however, it is more costly and requires a drill-and-inject treatment. If the report does not stipulate whether or not a pre-construction extermination was completed you should be on the lookout for signs of termites and put a stop to the infestation as soon as possible.

Textile Pest Infestations

Are there holes in your clothes? Are your carpets looking haggard? You may have a textile pest infestation. This could be caused by anything from a clothes moth to a carpet beetle. They can cause long term damage to valuables like carpets, leather and even instruments. Many pests feed on textiles and can’t be stopped without the intervention of professional pest control. This will save you money in the long run versus letting the pests devour all your valuables, which if left to it, they will.

Be on the lookout for insects (dead or alive), faeces, shed skin, eggs and larvae. These are clear signs your home needs a pest control treatment as soon as possible.

Eliminate the Rodents and You Control More than Just One Pest

Rodents are notorious for spreading disease, damaging property and being generally unpleasant, uninvited guests. Choose an environmentally friendly rodent problem solution so that you can say with certainty your home is clear of all pests.

Be sure to ask what sort of pest control has been performed and where, how long ago, and for what creatures.

Contact us should you wish to discover what has been done in terms of pest control and whether the listings in your area are the right fit for you.