At the start of July, JNK Properties posted a piece on Facebook about Rihanna’s mansion home as a bit of inspirational flair for your own home. Many of you may have wondered how it could be possible to use that inspiration affordably, and we’re going to give a few quick pointers on how to do just that.

Luxury and comfort – Cushions


What you may not have noticed in Rihanna’s home and the homes of many other celebrities is that they use a lot of cushions. Whereas you might normally have about two or three cushions per couch, having a lot of cushions gives your home a sense of luxury, and your guests end up feeling like they can be comfortable wherever they sit. And all it took was finding a few extra cushions (no new furniture needed).


Also, with the FIFA World Cup on the go at the moment, throwing some extra cushions down will put you ahead of the ‘viewing room’ trend. You’ll be able to watch every match in style from the comfort of your couch, and you can even throw some cushions on the floor for extra seating when you have a large viewing party over.

Accentuate your furniture – Paint


Aside from luxury, another key feature of celebrity homes is how everything fits the style of their homes. If you look carefully, you’ll notice that most of the time their furniture and walls share the same or similar colours. So instead of buying a new lounge suite, rather have your home painted a colour that will highlight your existing furniture for a new look.

Embrace the seasons – Blankets


With the rather cold winter we’ve experienced in 2018, you might have bought and brought out quite a few blankets. Where many people put this effort to waste is when they start packing the blankets away at the end of the season. Instead, you could keep up with the shift to a warmer season while still using your blankets as throws for your couches, and even as covers to hide any dirty or damaged spots on your favourite old chair?


Also, keeping up with the seasons means being ready for next year’s winter. Most home décor and other shops which sell season-specific goods will be putting a lot of their winter stock on sale now. So, rather than waiting till next winter to buy your winter bedding, buy it now and have it ready for when the time comes around again.

Looking for a space in which to apply these tips?


Of course, before you go to the effort of getting your home comfortable and looking great you actually want to have your ideal home. Have a look at the available listings on the JNK Properties website to see if anything tickles your fancy. If you’d prefer to have a new home built, that’s our speciality. Contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you.