Have you been eyeing those fancy decorations in the home décor shops, but the prices keep putting you off? You’re not alone there. Everybody likes pretty things, and you can have them without wasting money! You may already have everything you need in your own home!

Save space with a treasure couch

Couches look great as part of a lounge suite, but they are rather pricey. Luckily, if you are one of the many people who have a large wooden chest collecting dust somewhere you can easily make your own couch at minimal cost. All you need is a suitably sized cushion to place on top of the chest, and if you want your couch to have arms you can simply add one more upright cushion to either side, and voila! As easy as that, you have a brand new couch, and this one will save you even more space as you can store your mail and other goodies here too by just lifting the lid – don’t let it get cluttered, though.

Everlasting flowers just waiting to be folded

How often have you found yourself or others in your home complaining about the amount of waste paper lying about? And especially now in February, you’ll hear people complain about expensive flowers that just wilt and die. But all those papers that were bothering you can actually be flowers that never wilt or die.

Do a quick search on Google and YouTube and you will definitely find a few tutorials on how to turn papers into a wide variety of flowers. Proteas, roses and everything in between can be made with just a few folds of those papers. And if you don’t want the writing to show, just add a coat of paint. Now you have saved yourself at least a few hundred bucks and you’ve helped save the planet with a great recycling initiative. Talk about a bargain!

Make some festive mood lighting with jars

Another great way to help the environment while also beautifying your house on a budget involves using those glass jars in your home. Coffee jars, glass milk bottles perhaps, and anything else that comes in slightly larger glass jars can be wonderful material for lamps. All you need to make them glow is that collection of Christmas lights that only comes out once a year.

You simply set the jars up around the room, close enough to the plugs to be accessible, and drop your Chirstmas or fairy lights into them. When you flip the switch your boring old coffee jar, destined for the bin, will transform into a chic light source. You also save money by making good use of lights which would otherwise just sit around for more than 90 per cent of the year – so that’s great value for money all round.

Decorating your home with stylish flair, as you can see, is easy and can even help save some cash and the environment when done cleverly. The possibilities are endless! All you need is the right home to decorate, and JNK Properties can help you build that perfect home. Find your nearest branch and get in touch so we can get you settled.