About Us

JNK Properties was formed by Jaco Viljoen (age 34) who has been in the real estate industry since 2005 and the construction industry since 2007.

JNK Properties has been registered with the NHBRC since 2005. NHBRC registration number: 1-1933340

As Managing Director of JNK Properties, Jaco Viljoen has built various new homes as the top structure developer and the main contractor for Anvil Construction and Homes for all in:

  1. Payneville (JNK)
  2. Dawnpark ext 7.(JNK)
  3. Dawn Park ext 42.(JNK and Anvil)
  4. Dawn Park ext 38.(Anvil and Homes for all)
  5. Cosmo city ext5.(JNK)
  6. Bramfischerville ext 14 (Anvil)
  7. Delmore Park ext 2. (Anvil and Homes for all)
  8. Alliance ext 1(JNK)
  9. Alliance ext 2(JNK)
  10. Blue hills ext 15(JNK)
  11. Miami SandsCE3&4(JNK)
  12. Powerville Park(JNK)

Jaco Viljoen has extensive experience in the property industry, focusing primarily on affordable residential property construction.

Jaco Viljoen is a member of SAARDA(South African Affordable Residential Developers Association)

JNK Properties does 80% of its marketing and selling in-house. JNK Properties sources its serviced stands primarily from JFS and Rand Leases.

New Projects: Alliance ext. 3-14, Blue Hills ext. 32(Construction to start soon)

Bond origination is also done in-house where JNK Properties will assist its clients in obtaining finance from:

  • First National Bank
  • Standard Bank
  • Nedbank
  • Absa Bank
  • HIP